What Is The Photo Eye Sensor & How It Works?

Photo Eye Sensor Nowadays, almost all garage door systems need to have an essential safety system that is the photo-eye sensor. Though it sometimes causes problems with your garage door, it comes with several benefits.

The primary function of photo eye-sensor is to make sure that nothing obstructs the way of your door. When it is coupled with an auto reverse mechanism, it becomes the modern standard in overhead door openers. It takes responsibility for the safe and reliable operations of a garage door.

How It Works?

This system consists of two photoelectric eyes available at the distance of about 6 inches above the ground in your door. These are located either side of your overhead door. These two eyes create the beam between them. The amber light is the sender that sends the message to green light, which is the receiver of this message and the begin to close the door.

In case the beam is interrupted while the door coming down, the door will refuse to close, and it will go in reverse direction immediately.

How Is Photo Eye Sensor Beneficial?

In an unfortunate condition, when your door is going to close, and suddenly any of your family members comes between the beams, the door avoids to get closed. Thus, you will be able to prevent injury.

Problems Related To Photo Eye Sensors

  • Dust or debris often obstruct one of the eye sensors to get the beam.
  • UV interference can lead to problems with photo-eye sensors.

First of all, clean the sensors to handle these problems. If the problems still exist, then call us at Hall Garage Doors. We are the leading garage door services provider in Toronto.

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