Summer Maintenance Tips For Residential Garage Doors

Summer Maintenance Tips For Residential Garage DoorsWith the soaring temperature of summers, you need to provide extra care to every home element right from the roof to a garage. Though garage doors are meant to last for years to come, they still require regular maintenance to perform smoothly. Since the weather is quite warm and sunny, add garage door maintenance in your monthly to-do list. In case, you are quite busy and cannot take out time from work, opt for hiring professionals for overhead door repairs. Some easy tips you can follow while preparing your garage doors to tackle the hot weather includes:

  • Tune-up The Hardware
    The foremost thing you should do is lubricating the hardware elements, so as they do not make any noise while operating. As these doors are quite heavy, they are more prone to damages and wear-tear. Whether they are the hinges or the springs, there are several door elements that need to be taken extra care of. With regular lubrication and minor tune-ups, you can ace the overhead door performance.
  • Wash & Remove Rust
    Dust and dirt are the two elements that accompany the summer heat. Summers are considered the best time to wash your automatic garage doors as they can dry up quite soon, thereby preventing the risk of corrosion. Washing not only makes it look beautiful but also prevents the unwanted buildups of grease, dirt and grime. For effective results, you can use a pressure washer and a mixture of mild detergent and water.
  • Apply A New Paint
    After sanding and washing your door, consider giving it a new look with a fresh coat of paint. Opt for cool summer colors that provide the necessary insulation and matches your home style or appeal. Trying painting it with the same color as that of your home.

So, these were the easy summer maintenance tips that you should follow to ensure proper working of a residential garage door. In addition, also inspect it regularly for any loose parts and worn-out springs. As prevention is better than cure, with a prior inspection you can prevent costly repairs. If you are looking for a full-service overhead door company in Toronto, reach out to our technicians at Hall Garage Doors, Toronto.

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