Sectional Garage Doors & Their Types

Sectional garage doors are the most preferred doors among homeowners. They offer great functionality and unique opening. They welcome you like a king as they open up in the vertical position. You can find a wide variety of sectional garage doors in the market to match your personal taste and home exteriors.

Sectional Garage Doors & Their Types

Sectional Garage Door Types

If you want to give your home a contemporary look and feel, then you should go for sectional garage doors. Apart from ensuring the safety and security, they also add instant curb appeal to your home. They are available in a wide range of beautiful designs, so pick the design that best complements your home. It comprises of 4-5 panels and they rest horizontally up the roof space. They open up in the vertical position gracefully.

  1. Steel sectional overhead garage doors: Steel sectional garage doors provide an extra layer of security to your residential and commercial establishments. It will effectively safeguard your garage and assets while reducing the cost of insulation also. Technicians greatly recommend it for the security purposes.
  2. Wood sectional garage doors: If you want more natural design for your door, then these doors are ideal for you. They can be customized to meet your choice and requirements.
  3. Aluminum sectional garage doors: These doors are made up of aluminum but provide same functionality as steel doors. These types of doors don’t create much noise and take very less space as they are light in weight.
  4. Glass sectional garage doors: Glass garage doors are elegant and provide your garage with fresh sunlight. Apart from this, they come in a variety of designs and colors to add elegance to your space.
  5. Can I Repair My Sectional Garage Door On My Own?

    Yes, you can. But, we will not recommend this. Professionals have the right tools and techniques to complete the installation job safely and efficiently. Feel free to call our professionals at Hall Garage Doors. Whether it is installation, repair or replacement of your garage door, we are always there for you.

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