How To Replace A Garage Door Spring?

Garage Door A garage door contains two types of springs, extension spring and torsion spring. Both springs use big wire coils that help to lift and lower your door. The torsion springs are used with sectional roll-aways while the extension springs are utilized with swing-ups.

The torsion overhead door springs are located on either side of the center of the door frame. And, the extension springs are mounted on either side of the overhead door.

If you notice, the garage door spring is broken, or it needs replacement then follow the below instructions.

Check The Length Of Your Spring

  • First of all, measure the new and existing springs to make sure they are of the same size.
  • Don’t touch the winding cone because the torsion spring may revolve at the slightest contact.

Take Off The Worn-Out Spring

  • Carefully remove the old spring using the recommended wrench
  • Avoid using screwdrivers
  • Unwind the coils and make sure a tight grip on the wrench
  • Once it is loose enough, remove it completely from the door

Fix The New Spring

  • Slide the spring onto the bigger hole in the cone which ends ups at the stationery end of the shaft.
  • Make sure the wire is tight enough and for this, check if the wire begins to spin.
  • The spinning wire is a sign of placing the wrong spring over the shaft.
  • Remove it and try once again to place on the correct one.

Remember, your little mistake can end up by crashing down the garage door and it can deliver injury. So, you should prefer to hire the professional garage door technicians to replace your garage door spring.

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