How to Get Rid of Noisy Garage Doors?

Noisy Garage Doors It is really annoying to hear the weird noises garage doors make while opening and closing. You can feel the squeaky noise every time someone opens the door. During the earlier days, everything works fine, but with time the door might need maintenance and starts making irritating noises. You might not notice this during the day, but the noise sounds very irritating when you are trying to sleep. Well, you are not the only one who is facing the trouble, this is a very common problem.

Tips to Avoid the Noisy Garage Doors

Garage door experts and professionals are aware of hacks that can help you in getting rid of these noisy garage doors. So, here is a dropdown that includes the tips to avoid the noisy garage doors. Simply follows these tips and you will really get permanent relief from the noisy garage doors.

Apply lubricant or oil and make sure it flows down till the bottom of the springs and even spray the springs. Make sure you even spray the inner part of every track and the metal rollers properly. Lubricate the moving parts every six months so as to minimize the noise.
Ensure that you tighten all the nuts and bolts of the garage door and don’t over-tighten them.
Check the rollers on the door, if they are of metal that revolves with metal tracks, it will make a loud noise, if not today, definitely, in future, it will. Well, relying on nylon rollers is a better alternative as they are noise-free. Moreover, as they require less maintenance and lubricants, it will save you a lot of expenses. You can easily install nylon rollers all by yourself.
You need to check the insulation strip that is on the bottom of the door from time to time. It might be possible that it is missing from there is worn out. So, regularly check it and replace it if needed. This will really help in reducing the noise.
To avoid noise, you can even use rubber pieces as buffers for your door opener. For this, you’ll need to unplug the motor of door opener and keep a ladder underneath the door. Now, remove the motor from the mounting bracket and remove the bolts in the garage door. Further, slide a rubber piece that perfectly fits between the door and the bolt. Now tighten the bolts and remove the bolts. With a thick rubber, you need to cut two pieces and drill two holes. Now bolt one end to the door opener frame and hang the motor using rubber pieces.

However, apart from these things, in some cases, you might need repair services for professionals. We are PRO at it, connect with us anytime, we have the expertise to fix the garage doors perfectly.

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