Can I Open A Garage Door Without Power?

Garage DoorYes, you can open a garage door without power easily. Once in a lifetime, we all experience the inconvenience of a power outage. Not able to operate your garage door during a power cut is inconvenient, but it is pretty essential.

Every homeowner should know how to operate a garage door manually. For those who are used to an automatic overhead door may find it difficult. Well, there are some simple steps to open your garage door without a power cut.

Begin With The Bypass

Almost all automatic garage doors are designed with a bypass switch that allows you to operate it manually and turn off automatic function. You can find the rope with a handle hanging down from your opener system. You can pull down it and deactivate the opener system. When doing so, make sure the door should be close, if are performing this when the door is open, it can make your door to slam shut and cause harm to you and other objects.

Keep In Manual Mode

In case, the power is out for an extended time, and you need to operate your overhead door many times then you can keep the door in manual mode. For this, you need to pull the rope down and towards the back of the garage.

Get Back When Power Returns

For reattaching the door when power returns, you need to pull down the cord towards the garage opening. Pull up on the door till it snaps into the place. Thus, you are back into the automatic mode.

If you find it difficult to operate your door on your own during a power cut, then contact us at Hall Garage Door. Our team of experienced garage door technicians in Toronto can help to manage your door whether there is power or no power. In addition to this, we specialize in handling almost any problem of all make and model of overhead doors.

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