Garage Door Not Working Properly? It’s Time to Check Some Essential Points

If your garage door is not working as expected and you hear some weird noises, it is high time you should check the hardware system to diagnose the problem. Avoiding these things could have negative consequences. You may come back home from a hectic day to find a blocked garage door.

Garage Door Not Working Properly? It's Time to Check

Most importantly, don’t think that electric garage door opener will handle the door. Remember, an opener alone cannot handle the functioning of the door. Here are a few things that will help you determine what is wrong.

The door is not closed tightly

There may be one of the two cables that is not properly adjusted in the drum. Or, any of the screws of the drum is loose. It is advisable to not to take the situation in your hands and consult a professional immediately. Remember that the spring, tube, drum and cable, all these are essential parts of the door and work under a lot of pressure.

The rollers aren’t doing their job

Visually inspect the condition of rollers and make sure they aren’t worn out or ready to come out of the rail. Also, ensure that they slide on the rail. The hinges supporting the rollers must be secured to the door properly. Make sure you call a professional to repair or replace the rollers or the bracket.

One horizontal rail moves way more than the other

There are chances that the bolts on the metal fastener are loose. With a stepladder you can fix it. Don’t forget to check the second rail as well.

The garage door opener doesn’t close the door properly

Different openers models have different door closing and opening settings. You can find the settings on the side of monitor box. You can find up and down arrows there. Grab a flathead screwdriver to make the adjustments as per your requirement. Turn on the opener and check the settings. Repeat if required.

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