Follow These 5 Tips To Prevent a Garage Break-In

You might have closed your garage door properly, even double checked it but do you think your garage is still safe? It can be and it can’t be also as it all depends how careful or careless you are. It was a long time ago that thieves used to break a door for getting inside the home or a garage.

Follow These 5 Tips To Prevent a Garage Break-In

Now, they have adopted smart techniques to open your garage door in your absence. Your garage hosts a number of valuable items including your vehicle. Failing to take care of its security, can really make you loose out on a lot of things in your garage and even provide access to host a number of criminal activities.

5 Tips To Prevent a Garage Door Break-In

    1. Secure Your Remote

Remote is one of the easiest way thieves can open up your garage door. If you are the careless one, who has the habit of throwing the garage door remote anywhere in the car or the house, you can get yourself in a lot of trouble. Chances are that thieves will take advantage of this. It is always recommended to keep your garage door remote hidden as it also prevents evoking any idea of a break-in!

    1. Always Check if the Garage Door is Closed

Most of the people are always in such a hurry that they just start their car and leave, forgetting to close the garage door. This is like giving full invitation to steal anything from your garage. Forget thieves, any normal person would think of stealing something out of a widely opened garage door. So, make sure you don’t invite neither create thieves and always close the garage door before leaving

    1. Secure Your Windows

Your garage door windows is another great entry point for thieves to have a break-in to your garage. Try to cover the windows as this will prevent any on looker to have an idea of a break-in. You can use sheets to cover your windows. Adjusting a bit of curb appeal to secure your garage is not a bad option after all.

    1. Rolling Code Technology

One of the best way to prevent a garage break-in is by installing rolling code feature to your garage door. Operating on codes, it changes the code every time you open the garage door. This makes entry inside the garage almost impossible without knowing the code. This also saves you from the burden of protecting your garage door remote all the times.

    1. Camera Security

If there is anything that guards your garage door 24/7 is the camera! Installing a camera can be of great help in providing security to your garage. Not only it will give information on the person who gained access to your garage in your absence but also capture any suspicious activity around your garage. Thieves and criminals first inspect the area before committing a crime and a regular check of the camera footage can give you an idea of their mischievous plan!

Need Professional Protection?

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