Effective Tips To Make Your Garage Soundproof

The garage is a big place in your house that has a lot of space to carry out several tasks and activities. Every homeowner uses his garage for a number of reasons such as a mini or home office, use it for partying and studying. It does not matter for what purpose you use this large space, all the activities require only one thing to work effectively and that is soundproofing the garage. Whether you don’t want to send your sound outside or want that no sound comes inside from outside disturbing you, the sound proof garage is crucial for both of these. Below are some effective and proven methods to sound proof your garage and it will help you stay relaxed in your garage.

Effective Tips To Make Your Garage Soundproof
  1. Fix cracks, holes and gaps: Fixing all the cracks, gaps and holes is the foremost step to soundproof your garage. Holes and cracks might not seem like much, but gaps in walls or next to the windows are real sound portholes. It is crucial to use latex caulk or polyurethane to seal cracks, holes and gaps around the window and door.
  2. Cover up windows: Have you fixed all the holes and cracks? If yes, great, now it is time to focus on windows. Windows are also an important part of your large space just like as a door. After securing the door, you need to pay attention to the windows. Windows are the part of your garage that can let pass sound inside and outside very easily. Covering them with insulated blinds is one of the best options to make them soundproof.
  3. Using egg cartons: Don’t get surprised, it is true. Pasting egg cartons outside and inside the walls will help in preventing sound travel across the walls. Egg cartons have a special quality to absorb sounds and reflect it back to its real source. This is the cheapest way to make the garage soundproof.
  4. Insulate the garage: Insulation is one of the most effective way to soundproof the garage. There are plenty of ways to insulate the overhead door such as trimming, using drywall, and painting to give a finishing. Drywall does not only make it soundproof, but also give it a new look. Insulating the door also helps you to mitigate the electricity bill by controlling the temperature.
  5. Using sound absorption sheet: If you don’t want to soundproof your garage permanently, you can pick a temporary solution of using the sound absorption sheet. This sheet has a feature of absorbing any kind of sound, whether it is coming from outside or inside the garage.

Here you have it. So, now are you ready to soundproof the garage. Whether you want to use it as a music studio or something else, it is very easy to make it soundproof. If you are not capable to make the garage soundproof on your own, let our adept technicians do it for you. Make a call to us at Hall Garage Doors in Toronto.