Does your garage door Opener Beep a lot?

Does your garage door Opener Beep a lot? If you have installed a really premium automatic garage door opener in your house, then it has the capacity to give a battery backup and even connect to Wi-Fi. The simple purpose is to make the beeping sound. This beep is to let you know that whatever you are performing is complete or maybe there is some issue with the device. It depends upon the number of beeps you hear or for the duration of the beeps you hear.

The garage Door beeps every 2 seconds

  • If you hear that your garage door is beeping every two minutes then this implies that the main unit of the garage door has lost its power connection and shifted to the battery back up. And, simultaneously, you can see that an orange-colored LED will start blinking.
  • You must ensure that the home is restored. And, as the power comes back, the LED light should shut. But, if you still see that orange color LED blinking, then it is time for you to test the electrical outlet where the main unit is connected. Plug in some other device to check the efficiency of the plug outlet. If you find something is wrong with the outlet, then you must give a call to a professional electrician for the same.

The garage Door Beeps every 30 seconds

  • If you see the beeping for about 30 seconds every time and the orange color LED is lit, then this shows the battery is low. It is time to recharge your battery and connect it to the main unit.
  • Check the electrical outlet for better observation by using other devices from the same outlet. See if the battery can be recharged again.
  • However, if you see the orange color LED has turned a solid red, then this implies that the battery has run out and you cannot recharge it.

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