5 Smart Tips Can Extend Your Garage Door Life

5 Smart Tips Can Extend Your Garage Door LifeA quality garage door performs for maximum 10-15 years, but you can extend its life. You just need to give attention to the maintenance of your garage door. For example, after a heavy rainfall your home and around affects badly. Obviously, it will affect your garage door and you have to detect if there is any serious damage to your overhead door.

Your ignorance can convert the minor issue into a bigger one, as a result, you have to go through the costly repair of your garage door. So, follow the below tips and keep your garage door as it is for the longer time.

  • Check & Clean Door Sensors
    At the bottom of the automatic garage door has the photo eye sensors. It often gets dust or debris which stop it to work properly. So, you can regularly check and clean the door sensors.
  • Lubricate The Moving Parts
    Whenever you clean the moving parts of your garage door, also ensure to give it lubricants. Especially, during the dry weather, the parts of your garage door may start to get jammed. Even, they can become rusty and break down earlier. So, lubricants are the right solution.
  • Replace The Weatherstripping
    The weatherstrip at the bottom of the garage door is designed to keep rainwater, sand, dirt and snow out of your garage. After the weather change, you should check and replace the weatherstripping to keep your garage door in a good condition.
  • Remove The Minor Dents
    If your garage door has gotten any dent, you need to remove it exactly when you notice it. A garage door with dents leaves a bad impact on your garage door appearance.
  • Clean The Tracks
    Track off is one of the issues that garage door owners face and they try to maintain it on their own. But, one is advisable to always hire the experts for the maintenance of your garage door tracks. The Improper settings can even face you injury and damage any object via its sudden fall.

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