4 Possible Reasons Behind Garage Door Failure

Are you planning to improve the looks of your property along with enhancing safety of your vehicle? If yes, then an automatic garage door installation can fulfill all your requirements. It is responsible for providing security to a vehicle against natural elements and burglars.

4 Possible Reasons Behind Garage Door Failure

In most of the cases, homeowners doesn’t concentrate on their expensive overhead doors, unless and until, they start emitting repair issues or faults. There are number of reasons that compels a residential garage door to remain stuck or not open at all. To ensure smooth performance, its crucial to inspect, lubricate and maintain an overhead door regularly.

Some reasons that result in failure of a garage door are:

  • Faulty Batteries: If you operate a door using a remote control, then the possible reason behind a non-functional door may be the faulty remote. It is not always that the remote has started exhibiting issues, the reason can also be the dead batteries. Replace the old batteries with the new one to make your overhead door perform its function again.
  • Misaligned Tracks: Tracks support the garage door movement by allowing the rollers to move inside them. The misaligned door tracks can ruin the door operating mechanism by restricting its movement. Clean of the tracks regularly to remove any accumulated dust or debris that is compelling the overhead door to undergo rough operation.
  • Damaged Springs: Springs are responsible for lifting the door weight, thereby allowing it to operate. Since garage doors are quite heavy, the torsion and extension springs tend to break or crack more frequently. A door with damaged spring pose a great threat to the safety of a family and vehicle. To ensure protection, its important to inspect and replace a garage door spring from an expert technician.
  • Failed Auto Reversal: All modern garage doors consists of an auto reverse mechanism that allows them to back up whenever their operation is interrupted by an external agent. A failed auto reversal system pose a great risk to your family and pets. Avoid operating a door whose reversal mechanism is not working fine to prevent serious accidents. Call in a garage door repair expert to get the door back on the right track.

These are some of the possible reasons behind garage door failures. If your overhead door is not working efficiently or is displaying any repair signs, feel free to call in our professionals at Hall Garage Doors for service.

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